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2 years ago

Estee Lauder The Brow Multi Tasker


True Multi- tasker.

All in one.

Very compact.

Works well for all skin types.

Good for beginners.

This product is a true multi-tasker. It is a bit on the pricy side but the product is durable, works well with the features that it offers. It looks tiny but is great to work with, this product has a pencil, powder, and brush all in one. This product is now available in 5 different shades to cover a wide range of different skin tone. You will definitely find the right one for your eyebrow. First the brush, it is compact and removes the dust or dead cells from your eyebrows and get them ready for application. Next is the pencil that you can use to fill up the areas where the eyebrow growth will be lesser than others. Last the sponge with the powder, remove the excess powder by wiping it away. The sponge will help the powder spreads across neatly and provide a dense effect. I can easily carry the product in my pouch or purse. It is a good buy even for gifting someone.

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