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The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multi Purpose Balm is 100% natural and is designed to restore the skin's texture and appearance. It is safe and can be used on hands, lips, feet, face, and body. The usage of essential plant oils by Amazonian communities paved the way for this product's birth. Enriched with nourishing natural waxes and oils, this non-greasy balm is absorbed quickly and provides intense moisturization to dry patchy skin. The smooth formula revives the skin, restores its soft texture, and also lightens scar marks. The fragrance-free, multi-purpose balm nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated. It does not contain silicones and is paraben-free. The multi purpose balm comes in a 45g tube packaging, making it travel friendly.

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It helps to brighten up the healed tattoos.

Fades away the appearance of skin marks.

Intensely nourishes dry skin.

Even-looking skin texture.

First, when saw this product, I was confused and assumed that this is a lip balm. Later after speaking to the salesperson, I was informed that this is an intense formula that can heal dryness on skin. It is kind of a multipurpose balm. I quickly purchased the product from the Body Shop store. It is a round flat container that allows you to take the quantity required for application, absolute no wastage at all, I can take the balm from the corners of the container as well. The screw-type lid secures the product completely. You can use the balm on lips, dry elbows, to moisturize your hands, to heal the tattoo scars and so on. This product is fragrance-free, safe to use on skin, free from harmful chemicals. One should but the product as it is simple to carry, the ingredients are rich in natural oils and waxes. The application of the balm on your lips will even out the color gradually.

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