Menarini Melalumin Under Eye Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Light Serum


Non oily

This eye serum is very safe and clinically approved. This eye serum is basically used for reducing the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This consists of ingredients that work on effectively to fade away tiredness around the sensitive area of eyes. I like the serum as it has a good blend of ingredients that makes my skin look younger and radiant. After a couple of months now I see that the skin has become firm and there is less sagging. The serum usage will reduce the signs of ageing and improve skin elasticity. I have sensitive skin, hence do not use products that are not dermatologically approved. This serum is not oily or heavy, I can easily apply it under my eye daily without much trouble. Before this an under eye cream that I was using was greasy and my skin felt oily even in the morning. However, this serum is perfect for any weather and at any time.

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