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1 year ago

Patanjali Wheatgrass Powder


Lesser in price.

Good for metabolism.

Easily available.

Hygienically made.

Easy to use.

The sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for so many health issues these days. There is no way that we can run away from the kind of life we are living, but certainly, we should try to make my healthy choices in the daily routine that can improvise our mental and physical health. A few months back I visited a local juice shop him suggesting that one can now buy wheatgrass juice as it has a lot of health benefits. When I read through I found that the wheatgrass juice promotes good blood circulation, builds up immunity and increases metabolism, rich in antioxidants and is antiseptic in nature, it is Anti-Inflammatory, helps in Respiratory Troubles. Wheatgrass belongs to the family of wheat, these are the baby plants that germinate from wheat and are harvested before they start to from seeds. The grass-like substance is then ground into a smooth paste and made into juice. This has been an old age recipe for boosting health and increasing stamina. Patanjali has many such herbal products that can be used for daily consumption and are not harmful to us. This is a powder from hence you just need to mix it in water and drink.

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