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2 years ago

Dermadew Shampoo


Affordable price.

Long lasting shampoo.

Travel friendly bottle.

Dermadew shampoo is mostly used for damaged, week hair, this is mostly prescribed by doctors for people with hair problems. I have had a skin problem that had also spread to my scalp and the regular shampoo was very harsh on my scalp and hair. It was such trouble for me to find a supple shampoo that will not irritate my skin condition and also help in maintaining the health of my hair. I have prescribed the derma dew shampoo, it is more than one month now that I have started to use the shampoo. I must say that there has been a very good result. The consistency of the shampoo is thick and creamy. It lathers well and when applied on scalp removes all the dirt and build-ups effectively. Few natural ingredients are present on the shampoo that provides a soothing effect to my scalp and the fragrance is very mild and supple. Even though this is not a herbal shampoo but it does not have harmful chemicals like sulfate. It is very effective on dandruff and removes the build-up also. The irritation has reduced and I have a healthy scalp now.

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