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Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is a gentle and very well-foaming skin cleanser. This cleanser successfully manages to remove 99% of excess oil, dirt, and makeup without irritating your skin or ripping of its moisture. It has been formulated for teenagers and adults with oily or combination skin. It is also best used for the acne-prone skin. When you use this face wash, your skin feels fresh instantly. It is pH-balanced, non-comedogenic, and ideal for regular use.

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Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser Anitha approves this product
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Good for acne-prone skin.

Non-comedogenic cleanser.

Well-foaming skin cleanser.

Removes 99% of excess oil.

Does not rip off the moisture.

Cetaphil brand is common and is very good for skin, They are mild, moisturizing, suits delicate skin types and are medically approved. Why I opt for this brand because of the trust value. These might be a little expensive but totally worth the money. This is the best cleanser for oily skin people, who are suffering from skin acne and pimple problems. This cleanser can be used on a daily basis, it removes the dirt and impurities from the skin. regular use of the cleanser eradicates the excess oil from the skin. It is an effective cleanser for oily, combination and also best for acne-prone skin. When the surface oil is removed automatically skin feels better and the acne reduces slowly. The consistency of the cleanser is very creamy and lathers decent. A few minutes of massage will relieve and make it your skin comfortable. This is a non-drying formula and does not irritate the skin. It clears the pores and makes skin breathable. Easily rinses away with water. The cleanser balances the pH level of the skin and it is non-comedogenic.

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