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1 year ago

Good for thinning hair.


Not everyone is aware of such unique products this is a hair building powder. It is to be used on the scalp were in the hair growth is less and looks scanty. I was surprised to see this product, it was used by a colleague at my office party. She is very fair and has golden hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made of colored keratin protein that does not harm the skin or scalp. Once used on the scalp it will blend and your hair looks dense and thicker. Once applied it does not artificial at all. You can effortlessly have an amazing look. It covers the existing thin hair strands very well. Since it does not look artificial you feel confident to carry yourself. This is a temporary option only, you will get back the original look once you wash your hair. This product is good for men and women. Conceals the scalp where there is more hair loss. Even if you have colored hair it is still good to cover the thinning area scalp. There are few other positives about the product is that it is sweat resistant and waterproof, harsh wind cannot remove the product. You will get long-lasting results with this awesome innovation. It is also used for providing touch-ups to the roots between the colorings

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