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1 year ago

Gucci Flora Eau de Parfum


Lovely packing

Who does not like to smell good! and believe me, perfumes are the best gifts. They look adorable and beautiful. The perfume always reminds us of good times and feels the room with freshness. I am a big fan of perfumes and a love to gift my family and friends the same. I have been visiting a few malls in regards to some official work and it is the best to place to check out the perfume stores and they have genuine and good quality products. one month back I purchased the Gucci flora Eau De Parfum from a store when I was just checking the different perfumes. This perfume was showed by the salesgirl as she understood my requirement and choice. I love the beautiful supple packing that it comes in. The bottle is quite sturdy and the pastel blue colour is pleasant. The bottle looks in cute in the blue colour and the black cap suits it very well. Gucci is one of the best brands for the quality and longevity that it offers. The scent smells sophisticated and deep. It is very mild yet one of the best that I have. I will recommend this perfume to floral perfume lovers.

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