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1 year ago

Sleek Cold Wax


Lasts long.

No side effects.

Budget friendly

I used this product when I was living in a different city and is some years ago. Yes, I would say that it is safe and one of the budget-friendly wax that you can ever find. I was not sure in the beginning If I could really use it, as feared I did not do it well and had a lot of hair left on the skin. After a couple of times, I was becoming good at it. I also used the cold wax for my sister and mother. The wax is pretty safe on all types of skin, sometimes skin turned red, after applying a gel my skin was back to normal. It perfectly removes the unwanted hair from your skin. Very reasonable and goes a long way. You cannot use the wax for facial hair, it is only for arms and legs, This is a painful process.

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