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2 years ago

Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation



Full coverage.

Weightless formula.

Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation is an awesome product with double benefit, It can work as a primer and also is as effective a s a foundation. The packing is very attractive, stylish and user-friendly too. Generally, the foundation, if not blended with skin, might leave you with patches or white casting. But this mousse creamy foundation will blend thoroughly. This is a weightless formula that will suit most skin types without much issue. This mousse formula is available in 6 different shades. It is creamy thus you will require very less quantity and the product will last log. After using this foundation I felt that the makeup I wear on my skin holds good for longer hours than earlier. This brand always makes sure that the ingredients are of high quality and they do not cause any harm to the skin. This product is safe and approved by dermatologist too.

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