Dr. Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash Reviews

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1 year ago

Dr. Batras Instant Glow Face Wash


Sturdy packing.

Good smell


I will not like to use Dr Btra’s products after a bad experience, this face wash from is not exactly like what they say. It is mild on the skin and does not rip the natural moisture and oil from my skin. I have a combination type of skin and do not like to use many products. There was a skin allergy and did not check with the doctor quickly and the rashes became deep. At last, I visited the Dr Batra's clinic close by. The doctor prescribed me a few medicines and also asked me to use the instant glow fast wash. I think is it highly-priced as compared to the older face washes that I use, this is not completely plant-based. This is not suitable for all skin types; sometimes it can dry away your skin too. I like the other herbal face washes as they are more effective and cheaper.

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