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1 year ago

Good Fragrance


Long lasting smell

I use rose water extensively for my skincare routine. I use the rose water to remove the residue of makeup. I have used some brands and have never changed them as I was happy with the price and quality of the product. Recently when I met a friend of mine she was using the Urban Botanics rose water, I was curious to see how it performs in my skin. I quickly placed an order on my phone. I have started to use the rosewater for my skin, firstly just used as a cleanser. It had a strong smell of a rose that was very calming, The earlier products that I used never smelled so good. I must say. Urban Botanics Rose Water is not like any other rose water, it is prepared with 100% pure rose. This is a high-grade product, the rose water is extracted via a unique method called the steam distillation method.

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