Ozone Aloe vera Bathing Bar Reviews

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1 year ago

Ozone Aloe vera Bathing Bar


Cleanses and purifies skin.

Nourishing and Hydrating.

Rich in Aloe Vera.

Makes skin soft.

I have dry and dull-looking skin. I was using a herbal soap but it did not suit my skin. The dryness is still there and I almost stopped using chemical-based soaps. Ozone Aloe Vera bathing bar was a wonderful product that was prescribed to me by dermatologists. After winters also my skin was dry and lifeless. So I started to use the bathing bar once daily and also used good hydrating lotion. After a week of using the soap, I can say that this product is good and rich in Aloe Vera. The bar lather well, it clears the dry skin, dirt and pollutants. Glycerin is an important ingredient that moisturizes the skin. The gentle exfoliation will remove make your skin clear. It is a gentle formula that does not rip away the natural moisture from your skin.

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