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1 year ago

Inatur Charcoal Face Mask


Removes Blackheads.

Eradicates oil and pollutants.

Brighter skin tone.

Face masks are so convenient to use at home and also they give very good results. Inatur Charcoal Face Mask is the latest product that I have been using since summer is in. The activated charcoal is very effective in detoxifying the skin. Instantly my skin looks clearer and brighter. Whenever there is an important event to attend I love to use masks as they are quick and mo messy. This is a good choice for pimple-prone and oily skin types. The activated charcoal will remove the excess oil and will not disturb the Ph level in your skin. As I have been using the mask regularly, I can feel that my skin is firmer and the skin tone is becoming even. When there is no oil and dirt in the pores there is no question of pimples and acne problems at all.

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