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1 year ago

DFree Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion


Easy to use bottle

My brother was suffering from dandruff for some time now, due to a change in weather condition. Extremely heat and sweating has lead to irritated scalp and dandruff. Many shampoos that he kept changing did not help him. Some of them just gave him temporary relief. Generally, the shampoos were just removing off the flakes of dandruff instead of working on the roots. The Degree lotion, unlike shampoo, has to be applied on the scalp and it stays overnight to effective remove the dandruff-causing organism. He started to use the liquid on his scalp twice in a week. It was not heavy on the scalp. He could comfortably use the liquid on his scalp and wash it with his regular shampoo the next day. This is not meant for long term use, he had stooped application after a month or so since dandruff had almost reduced. This is an easy to use formula, Have not noticed any side effects.

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