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1 year ago

Great for hangover and after various after effects of alcohol consumption.


Prevents hangovers

Prevents damage to liver

Prevents nausea & fatigue

Prevents headaches

Herbal formula

Prevents burning in the stomach

Safe to use

I've used Himalaya Party Smart Capsules alot earlier as I work in the entertainment industry, so events and partying is a regular thing plus, my sister is married in a catholic family, so every weekend of festivals it's a tradition to drink. But, I used to have a tough time to get back on my feet the next day, with all the hangover and headache and a nausea. This product really helped through the tough times. Now, I've given up drinking, but I've recommended it to all my friends and also to my Brother-in-law to use it, And they're very thankful to me for recommending the product to them.

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