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Himalaya Toning Massage Oil is specially formulated for women to help recover their body strength post pregnancy. This massage oil contains aloe vera, bala (country mallow), sesame oil and ashvagandha (winter cherry). Massage with this oil stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, and helps the body recover post pregnancy. It is also infused with lavendar oil fragrance that relaxes, uplifts the mood, and stimulates the senses. Bala is known to strengthen the muscle and joints. Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes the skin. Sesame oil has skin firming properties and rich in Vitamin E. Ashvagandha has restorative properties and is beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and muscles.

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Soothing oil


Absorbs easily

Nice aroma

Another hit product from the Himalayas. This new Himalayas toning massage oil has truly helped me alot. Although, I'm not a mother and gained weight post pregnancy. But, I had an accident and broke my ankle and was in a cast for over 6 months. No exercise,no physical movements, to top it I had a side effect from one of the medicines prescribed by the orthopedic and I gained 15 kgs within 3 months time. When I recovered and started working out. My skin and muscles were pretty loosened up as I was losing weight. This oil worked like a miracle for me. It helped in toning up my loose skin and muscles. It's very soothing with a very natural herbal exotic herbal fragrance.

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