Citra Pimple Clear Face Wash With Japanese Green Tea Reviews

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1 year ago

Good for oily skin


Contains green tea extracts

Clears acne and blemishes

Works fast

My cousin have oily skin and her skin is prone to pimples a lot. she is using this Citra pimple clear face wash with Japanese green tea from more than a month and the results are good. The face wash comes in white tube packaging with clear flip open cap. It has the Japanese green tea extracts which help in reducing acne and pimples. she is using the face wash twice a day daily and in one week she had seen the results on her skin. Her skin had become visibly brighter than before. The pimples had also been less frequent on her face. My cousin has oily skin for which this pimple clearing face wash works great but for dry or normal skin it won’t be a good choice. As this face wash clears out excess oil from face it can dry out the normal skin by removing the oil from it. It does not moisturises the skin as it claims to be doing but it does keeps the skin clean. Once you wash your face in the morning the face wash works for more than 8 hours to keep excess oil away from your face. I would recommend this to oily skin people who may or may not have any pimple problem but dry skin people should avoid this.

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