Lever Ayush Anti Dandruff Neem Shampoo Reviews

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1 year ago

Good for dandruff and dry scalp


Moisturizing effect


Suitable for all hair types

Natural ingredients

My niece have dry scalp so dandruff is a common problem for her. My sister had tried everything on her hair something doesn't work or something works for just some time. Last time I met her she was using this lever Ayush anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner on her daughter and she said that it is good. The dandruff is less than before her scalp is also being more healthy, shines and natural oils of hair are preserved. The shampoo is mild so it may not eliminate dandruff in one go but it restores natural oil which makes scalp healthy and shiny and less dry. The shampoo contains neem extracts and rosemary tailam which I guess is oil. Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is said to cut dandruff. Rosemary herb is good for nourishing the scalp. The product has natural ingredients and claims to be ayurvedic which is good as we are using this on child we don't want any harmful chemicals on her delicate skin. she is using the shampoo and conditioner thrice a week for more than a month and her itching and dry flakes have been subsided from it.

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