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2 years ago

overall great for only oily skin Would not recommend for dry skin



Reduces large pores

Daily use


Smooth silicone gel

Easy to carry

Not patchy

Lotus herbals is one of the household brand in India. And I am an avid user of their sunscreen. Last month when my primer is finished I look out for new one and thought to try this Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer. But to my surprise this product failed for me. Well I have combination skin with more of dryness, and not many primers suits me. The primer is in a tube shape packaging which is easy to carry in small of the smallest vanity bag. The mild fragrance is soothing and doesn’t irritate our sensitive nose. While its oil free formula would be great for oily skin to eliminate any chance of excessive oil this same formula makes my skin dry sooner and the effect gets lost. The texture of lotus makeup primer is silicone smooth and glides nicely on skin. For my makeup usually I wash my face with a cleanser then I use toner and moisturiserafter that I apply primer on my face. The primer does not keep my face hydrated, the patchiness starts on look on my face and my foundation starts to crack up in just couple of hours. But other than that it has no con like it does not irritate the skin as mine is sensitive and I do not face any problem in my 2- 3 uses. The skin feels smooth like a gel finish is done on face. It even out the skin tone and fill up pores nicely. I would recommend it to the people with oily skin or with normal skin who do not face dryness much.but for me I am using it up as a light sunscreen as it also protects from uv rays and prevents premature aging and fine lines.

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