Innisfree Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack Reviews

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1 year ago

Moisturizing and skin lightening


Improve skin tone

Improve skin texture

Gives smooth and fresh skin

Easy to use

My elder sister has started to show early signs of aging in her mid thirties. Being a skin care lover she asked me to find something helpful for her skin. I search through the internet and ask her to try this in her free whitening pore sleeping pack which she immediately got online and started to use. After travelling news for about 3 weeks, she told me that she had seen some visible changes in her skin. She is using the mask every night after cleaning her face with a good face wash. Applying the mask on her face in a thick layer and then leaving it all night for working its magic. It exfoliate dead skin cells from face which in result gave her even out skin which is more hydrated. The pigmentation was also less and the dark circles under her eyes were also light. The heavy Moisturizing cream has skin lightening ingredients which hydrates the skin and gives more light and brightening effect. She is happy and using the cream every night religiously. And so much happy for a good purchase.

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