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1 year ago

Good product and affordable


Best quality material and technology used

Fluid control mechanism

Good absorption

Travel friendly


Women's intimate hygiene is very important yet undiscussed topic. Different brands have been creating products for women intimate hygiene . one of them is V wash company it is famous for its intimate hygiene wash for women and now they released sanitary pads also. Last time when I shopped for sanitary pads I I saw this brand and thought to try it. It is available in different sizes according to your need. The pad have been highly absorbent and without any leakage issue. They are made of high quality material which is quick and highly absorbent. The top most sheet is also quick dry to give dry feeling. It is suitable for even sensitive skin as it does not give rashes or itchiness on skin. Each pack contains separate Packaging of pads so you can carry them individually in your purse for emergency cases. The pads have mild to no fragrance e which does not irritate nose or your skin. The price of the sanitary pads is comparatively lower than other brands. As one of those items which you would need every month I recommend to buy in bulk or sale time. as I normally buy them from Mall on sale period.

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