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Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo neutralizes the warm brassy shade and enhances and enriches the hair strands with a brighter tone. The shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp deeply and gives a professional salon effect. The clarifying shampoo revives the hair, eliminates the yellow tone, and reduces dullness of hair. It is an innovative formula with purple pigments and is specially designed for blondes and people with hair color ranging from white to grey shades and color-treated hair. The nourishing property enriches hair color and imparts shine with a silky soft texture. This illuminating shampoo works on chemically treated hair to make the color stay for longer periods than usual. You get a brightened color-treated hair and lustrous and soft hair with luminous appearance when the shampoo is paired with its matching conditioner. The product comes in a purple bottle and is available in two sizes for convenient usage.

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Works great on blondes

Color stays for long

Eliminates dullnes

Easy to use

Brightens color

Neutralizes brassy shade

Professional salon effect

Suitable for every skin

One of my sister in law got her hair rebonded and color treated. Her salon expert recommended her to use Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo which is specifically made for color treated hair and people who have light blonde or Grey tones hair. As she got blonde, and highlighted look she bought the shampoo as per recommendation. The shampoo comes in a long cylindrical purple color bottle with a black cap on top. The weird thing is the shampoo is also purple in color. Har hair expert has given special instructions for how to use the matrix total results shampoo. She told her to wear gloves while shampooing because the shampoo can leave pigments on hand. The shampoo should leather nicely and only left for a minute or two in hair and rinse thoroughly. Otherwise it can be purple pigment in hair. For better results she uses the shampoo with same kind of conditioner. The shampoo neutralizes the yellowness and gives brighter tone to the blonde hair. It gives soft and silky texture to the hair and enhances the hair colour better. Due to this shampoo and proper routine her hair colour had stayed more than the regular time. The shampoo doesn't feel dry or itching to the scalp so it is suitable for every skin type.

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