Super Smelly Toxin Free Deo Spray – Sweet As Sin Reviews

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1 year ago

Fun and toxin free deo


Naturally-derived ingredients

Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

Has antibacterial properties

100% toxin-free

I got this Super Smelly Toxin Free Deo Spray – Sweet As Sin Deo a couple of months before when there was a huge sale online. The company has a weird name and quirky design on their products which attracted me to them. The best part about this Deo is that it is toxin free I normally avoid Deo as they are highly toxicated and irritates my sensitive skin but this one is different. It has all the natural components like witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe Vera which makes it a great smelling Deo and intoxicated as well. I can wear the Deo directly on my skin without trouble and it suites to every skin type. It has a mild fragrance which stays for a good 6 hours and you can simply reapply it for keeping it much longer. I really like the fragrance of Super Smelly Toxin Free Deo Spray because as much as I want to keep. Body odor away from me, I can not simply tolerate the strong smells. It's light fragrance does not irritate my nose and I can easily wear it all day long. And it's natural ingredients kill the body odor causing bacteria to keep you smelling fresh and energised.

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