Joy Sunscreen UV Protect and Whitening Lotion Reviews

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2 years ago

Hydrating and protecting lotion


Provides soft.

Lightens tan.


Easily available.

Does not make you sweat.

I am currently using joy sunscreen lotion for my daily use in winter. I have dry skin and I like to use moisturizing lotion for my body in winter specially. I got this joy lotion because I was using the joy cream and it works great for me. The lotion is neither too thick nor too runny in consistency which is great. Small amount of lotion provides good coverage. It absorbs nicely in the skin but takes a couple of minute. Not too quick but effective. It hydrates the skin very well and keeps it nourished for a whole day after applying once. And it does not feel sticky or greasy on the body. It has sunscreen properties which helps in reducing wrinkles, has anti darkening properties and protects skin from harmful UV rays of sun. I am currently on my second bottle and I really like it. The only down point is that it only comes in a big packaging. You can't carry in a purse. But you can always transfer it in small spare bottle.

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