Rey Naturals Onion Hair Oil with 14 Essential Oils Reviews


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1 year ago

A powerful natural product with no harsh chemicals and long-term results!!



Packed with powerful ingredients



Makes hair strong

Fights scalp infection and dandruff

Minimizes breakage and thinning of hair strands

Hair fall is not a single thing to worry about, it comes along with some major hair problems like dandruff, baldness, thinning and greying of hair. Are you tired of counting the hair you lose on a daily basis, either while washing, combing or styling your hair? Issues can be many but we can figure out the best solution to deal with the problem. I use to apply onion juice once a week to my hair, but thank God I found this amazing onion essential oil from Rey Naturals. Now no more peeling, grating and squeezing the onion juice with tears in my eyes, instead, I can just apply this onion oil to add appropriate nourishment to my hair. Using this oil for 10 days and found a list of benefits of using it. 1. The best part I liked about this onion hair oil is that it doesn’t have that pungent smell of onions. 2. And it is suitable for all hair types, like straight, curly, textured, coarse or color-treated hair. 3. It dries quickly adding a perfect moisturized look to your hair. 4. Also, we can use it as a scalp treatment for deep conditioning and improve the quality of damaged hair. 5. Lastly, this product is made from pure and natural ingredients and is completely free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, and fragrances.

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