Rey Naturals Onion Hair Oil with 14 Essential Oils Reviews

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1 year ago

Onion for Hair really works as wonder



Packed with powerful ingredients



Makes hair strong

Fights scalp infection and dandruff

Minimizes breakage and thinning of hair strands

I am writing this review after 4 use. This hair oil work like wow for scalp itching. I was suffering from dandruff, Scalp itch and due to this, my hair started falling. Thanks to Stylecraze to introduce this amazing Onion Oil from Rey Naturals. I am very satisfied with the results as my scalp itching problem is reduced to almost zero. It smells really good like sandalwood and the color of the oil is also beautiful (you can see in the pictures). feels really very light, not greasy. I apply this hair oil and leave it overnight and wash my hair with dandruff control shampoo. My scalp itching problem reduced now and I feel relieved. I would definitely like to thank Rey naturals for making this unique hair oil. I usually avoid applying hair oils as I have oily scalp and hair but it feels really light and easy to wash with normal shampoo. Onion help to remove dandruff, scalp infections and greying of hair. But the best part is that it reduces hair fall, my hair falls literally reduced after applying this hair oil as it reduced itch and dandruff also. This is really a unique formula for healthy hair. I will definitely recommend this to all those suffering from hair and scalp problems.

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