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Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice is known for its soothing and healing properties. This vegetarian product is available in a 1-liter sized bottle and also comes in orange flavor. Aloe vera contains ayurvedic properties that help cleanse your system from within. It's also great for getting relief from constipation and indigestion. Drinking this on an empty stomach daily also helps in controlling body weight. For best results, mix 15-25 ml of this juice in water and drink twice daily.

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Contains soothing properties

Great for your skin

Relieves indigestion

Cures constipation

Cures ulcers

100% vegetarian

Boosts body energy

Controls body weight

Enriched with vitamins and minerals

Cleanses the digestive track

It control indigestion .. It cures stomach ulcers and prevent acidity .. It contains soothing properties .. It controls body weight .. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals .. It boosts body energy .. It is great for the skin .. It cleanse the digestive track .. It is 100% vegetarian .. best aloe vera juice ..

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