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Macadamia Natural Oil is a nourishing hair oil that suits all types of hair. It is a therapeutic oil that minimizes dryness in rough hair. The oil is non-sticky, non-greasy, and lightweight, and it seeps down the cells of the scalp and hair and promotes hair growth. It tames frizzy, entangled hair and nourishes them intensely by improving hair texture. This natural oil works on colored hair as well. It forms a barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays and shields the hair from damage. It also imparts shine to dull looking hair and makes them look lustrous. The hair becomes shiny, soft, manageable, and smooth. It comes in a brown transparent bottle that is capped, and a pump dispenser comes along with it for easy usage.

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Helps in hair growth

The result and satisfaction that this product gave me has forced me to write a review about it so that even others could benefit from it. This Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment is so good that it became a must have oil in my home. I have always had a curly, frizzy and dry hair , so it was very hard to manage. After my friend's suggestion, I tried using this product. Even after applying it for few days I was not able to see any satisfying result but after couple of few more weeks the results were amazing. My hair became really manageable, frizz free and lengthy as well. The usage is very simple. Just take as much oil as needed for the hair and warm it up lightly then apply it from scalp or roots till the end of the hair. Gently massage and leave it for sometime and wash it later. After few weeks the difference and texture in the hair can be seen. It also helps in reducing the split ends and making it smooth from the scalp to the end. It controls dandruff and hairfall. This comes in small pack and a bit expensive as well.

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