Amway Satinique Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Reviews

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1 year ago

Anti Hair Fall Shampoo


Mild fragrance

Makes the hair soft and smooth

Keeps the scalp fresh

Hair appears fuller with high volume

Paraben free

Reduces breakage

Amway Satinique Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a must needed shampoo for all who are suffering from alopecia. You might feel that the price of the shampoo is quite expensive but once you start using it and see the results, it makes us feel that it is totally worth it. Rather than going to any salon and spending thousands of rupees for hair treatment, it is better we go with such shampoos that gives salon like look and treats the hair with utmost care. This product is paraben free and it definitely has some chemicals to it but those are not harmful ones and it is dermatology tested and recommended so it is safe to use on our hair. This shampoo repairs the scalp and nourishes them well. Also helps in the growth of strong hair follicles. It reduces hair breakage and prevents them from any further damage to the hair. This shampoo can be used on the most thin hair to get a good volume to it and it also helps in strengthening the most fragile, delicate hair. A small quantity of shampoo is enough on hair to lather well and apply it thoroughly.

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