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1 year ago

Face Pack


Removes acne

Removes clogged pores

Gives healthy looking skin

Another good product from Vestige is Assure Instant Glow Face Pack. This is really good for people with oily skin especially during summers. It does not contain any harmful products and it is safe on skin. But people with dry skin have to rethink before using this. It comes in a tube like structure with green in color pack. The pack is so light in weight and very smooth to apply. After applied we need to keep it on face for around 20 minutes. Even after keeping it for long the pack does not stick onto our face or make it difficult to move our face unlike other products and it is easy to wash. Instant results can be seen. So if you keep applying regularly the results are amazing. It opens all the clogged pores and gives a bright look to the face. It also lightens the color or de-tans it. It keeps the skin moisturized for long hours. Applying this pack before any make up will enhance the look of the make up face. They also give a shiny look on the face as if you have applied any cream.

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