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1 year ago

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil


Chemical free

Safe to use

In brief, it’s the “savior” since homeopaths are always the one. My hair is very thin and curly with damaged ends from heat and is very sensitive to weather, which causes my hair to look even more unruly. This product SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil saved me from all the misery! And is by far the best product I have used on my hair yet! I do oil treatments almost every week and wash my hair 2-3 times a week but NOTHING has made my hair feel like this product does. There is an immediate difference as soon as this product touches my hair. The viscosity of this product is very thin and easily spreads all over the head. It leaves my hair feeling so silky, even after I rinse it out and dry my hair. Initially, I was bothered by the smell from different herbs used in this but the smell fades away soon after the wash. The effect lasts for days from single use. My hair feels soft and moisturized all the time. Now I feel like investing money in this product is worth than going to any parlour for oil massage.

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