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1 year ago

Revlon Colorstay Concealer


Covers up the flaws

Stays long

Comes in multi shades

Revlon Colorstay Concealer is very creamy and due to this property, it makes people use it easily. It glides very smoothly and spreads all over the face equally. It comes in different shades that suit the perfect skin tones. It also blends in easily with the skin. The applicator is perfectly shaped according to our face which helps in applying to any part or corner of the face cleanly. Apply this concealer using the applicator and dab it using any fingers or sponge to get a full coverage and so that it does not spread unevenly. Sometimes this concealer can be adjusted by applying little more or little less according to the acne or pimples. I really found this concealer useful in covering my dark circles which made me look always dull and not energetic. Few blemishes can also be covered with this. It lasts quite longer than expected. Initially few might feel that the price is higher but after once you try it, it will all be worth the money. I am happy that I came across this product sooner or later.

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