Super Smelly Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera Facewash Reviews

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1 year ago

Face wash


Cleanses well

Removes acne

Suitable for all skin

One face wash that can suit both men and women is Super Smelly Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera Facewash. It is suitable for all skin types too either it is dry or oily. It does not contain any harmful chemicals so it is safe on skin and clinically tested as well. This is recommended by my doctor for my acne-prone skin and the same facewash was recommended for my friend as well for his dry skin. This facewash balances the oil content in our skin. Since they have charcoal, aloe vera and other useful ingredients they have natural healing properties. These ingredients have the ability to fight against the germs and restore the natural-looking face to us. It repaired my dull, fragile and oily skin into fresh, acne-free and nonoily. They deeply cleanse the face and removes all the acne and opens the pores to make them more breathable. It also balances the ph level of the skin. Both my friend and I have found a big satisfying result and now we recommend this to all whom we come across with skin issues.

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