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1 year ago

Dabur Brahmi Vati


Improves our health condition

Dabur Brahmi Vati is an ayurvedic medicine prescribed by some good ayurvedic doctors. It helps in curing mental health issues and also other health related problems like concentration, laziness, grasping power, memorizing any subject or problem etc. This medicine can be taken by people of all ages. It also helps in dimentia, memory loss, or any kind of fear and emotion control. My grandpa was suffering from few of the above age related problems so we took him to an ayurvedic doctor and he suggested this. Also I have seen my neighbor's kid using this tablet for his own issues. Both of them have showed some positive changes in them. My neighbor's kid was so aggressive and always used to get angry for everything and also he was not much socializing with people due to his lack of confidence on himself and also he was not good at studies too but now he has changed so much and even he showed improvement in this studies too. Even my grandpa became quite active and energetic and he remembers where he kept his glasses :) This is a very good ayurvedic medicine.

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