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Nyle Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is specially curated with the goodness of Badam, Amla, and Coconut Milk to reduce and prevent hair fall. This paraben-free shampoo has a gentle formula that suits all types of hair. The rich formula protects your hair from external damage, breakage, split ends by strengthening hair follicles from its roots to the tip. This pH balanced shampoo gives you stronger hair by enhancing hair texture. The essential ingredients fights germs causing scalp infections and fortifies hair. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is ideal for both men and women. It also infuses hydration, improves stability, makes hair manageable, and healthy. The product nourishes hair shafts, cleanses it deeply, and repairs damaged hair and scalp cells.

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No harmful chemicals

Easy to use

Nyle Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is one such shampoo that can be used by both men and women. So as I told you it is a unisex shampoo, this is used by my husband and myself. It is almost used by all in my family. This has very much of natural ingredients that suits almost all hair types. It helps in controlling hair fall and hair breakage or split ends. This reduces dandruff and keeps the hair moisturized. It helps in strengthening the hair follicles. Not only that it also increases the volume of the hair. The product is very much affordable. It comes in different quantities so you can first try with small quantity and go for the bigger one later. The fragrance is quite good and refreshing. After using this shampoo there is no need of any conditioner as this shampoo itself softens the hair and keeps them tangle free. The packaging of this shampoo is nice and it lathers well. It has a smooth texture which makes it easy to apply. The results can be seen only after few washes and not immediately.

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