Amaira Natural Skincare Intimate Lightening Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Lightening serum


Safe-to-use on intimate areas

No side effects

I have seen so many products for face, body and head but I wanted a product for my intimate areas. Due to some fungal infections I had severe itching in my underarms and bikini area due to which I started scratching everytime and everywhere and now the area has become dark. Visited dermatologist but she gave medicines for infection and nothing for the dark area. Then through a friend i came across Amaira Natural Skincare Intimate Lightening Serum. Initially I was worried to use it since its the most sensitive area but later I gave it a try. I applied it on a regular basis and after couple of weeks I noticed some changes. The area became lighter and some what whiter too. I did not feel any irritation or any other changes after applying. It is completely safe and I was happy too. Will recommend other girls too to use this who are suffering from same issue.

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