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1 year ago

Foot Cream


Clears heel problems

My mom always keeps working and working and never takes rest. Because of this she always has cracked feet which gets worsened day by day. One day while I was browsing through the net for some cream I came across this Vestige Assure Foot Cream. I gifted this on mother's day for my mother. She started using this regularly or even if she forgets i make her use it somehow. Now her feet have become quite manageable. It does not dry up the form any cracks. The moisture content is always present. This does not have any harmful chemicals to cause any irritation or pain. It deeply goes into the skin and cleanses the dirt and makes the skin more breathable. If used day and night the results can be even more quicker and positive. This is quite travel friendly. It does not feel oily or greasy after applying.

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