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1 year ago

Hair cream


Nourishes hair

Keeps hair in place

Due to heavy pollution and food habits gents get dry and rough hair that attracts more dust and impurities. This leads to severe hairfall and hair damage. To control all this Cinthol Hair Cream Natural Shine is available. This cream gives a natural shine to the hair. It is very easy to apply. Just after the shower take very little amount of cream in the hand and rub all over in damp hair. This will set the hair for the rest of the day. It saves more time and more hair too. It is non sticky and does not attract any dust. It is very much affordable and i would surely recommend this cream to try on hair. It also nourishes the hair and keeps them healthy because it has vitamins present in it. We must not apply too much of cream in hair as this will cause damage and greasy too.

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