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Gillette Venus Breeze Razor is designed for women. It does not need a separate shave gel or soap as it contains flexible shave gel bars and rich body butter for a light lather. It has three spring-mounted blades and a telomer coating with shower storage. It gives a smooth and satiny soft shave and is quite gentle on the skin. The razor is luxurious and has a good wand grip. It keeps good control over the shave. The upper and lower side of the cartridge consists of two shave gel bars. The razor glides smoothly and effortlessly on the skin without tugging.

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Shaving is better with venus Aayushi approves this product
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Easy to use


Gentle on the skin

Moving, rounded shaving head

Built-in razor gel cushion

Removes fine hair

Painless hair removal

I have not been a fan of hot wax or even for that matter cold wax cause painful you know! When I saw that gillette has introduced this Venus razor for women I thought let's try shaving and see if the myths were actually true. I started without foam but when I used the Gillette shaving foam my experience got better. I still shave and especially during this pandemic it has been a life saver. The best part is that the maximum it would cost you is ₹800-1000 per person for a year which you usually pay for once body wax session.

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