Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub Reviews

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1 year ago

Good product


Herbal product

Gentle exfoliation

Removes dead skin and blackheads

Unclogs pores

Brightens skin

Biotique advanced bio papaya scrub is a good scrub it for skin types. It contain 75gm of product n it cost around 199rs n one can on discount easily, one can purchase it from online n offline. The best part it is made of natural ingredients which include papaya seed neem bark meethi seed etc which is good for skin. The granules are tiny n the edges are smooth so it will not be harsh for your skin. You can use it for your face as well as body. But keep in mind scrub should not be daily other wise it can harm your skin so one can use it alternatively or twice a week. A must buy product

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