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Listerine Cool Mint is a mint-flavored mouthwash that protects your teeth and gums from bacteria, gum problems, and bad breath. Rinse your mouth with Listerine Cool Mint for 30 seconds twice a day to prevent the formation of plaque, gingivitis, and other dental problems. The antiseptic mouthwash offers oral hygiene for 24 hours. This product is specially designed for those who are in a hurry or on-the-go constantly. Formulated with 4 caring essential oils, namely eucalyptol, thymol, oil of wintergreen, and menthol, the mouthwash penetrates deeply, and fights and removes 99.9% germs by reaching every corner of the mouth. It treats the bleeding gums within 2 weeks of continuous usage. The mint flavor makes you feel refreshed and lively. As the mouthwash has a strong taste, it is also designed in a new version with a mild taste.

avyuktha Review

Cool menthol Avyuktha approves this product
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Travel friendly

24-hour protection

Fights bacteria

Eliminates bad breath

Listerine mouth wash is one of my daily routine, which helps me to have fresh breath. I use this twice a day immediately after brushing. Because brush mat not go in to all the parts and sides of teeth. But listerine goes in to all the sides and removes almost 99 percent of germs. Which causes bad breath

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