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Margo Neem Face Wash is formulated with pure neem extracts, which actively fight germs and purify skin deeply. It moisturizes skin and clears pimples and acne. The herbal formula protects skin from dryness and nourishes it gently.

shradhanayak Review

Definitely neem is bitter but best for skin Shradha approves this product
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Herbal product

Mild fragrance

I'm a neem user always go for neem and neem products are best.. Margo neem Facewash never disappointed me and I'm using it since childhood the only sad part is that the availability has been reduced and hard to find.. But so far it is the best product from margo afterwards margo neem soap which is now I'm using it as an alternative.. As my title of this review already justify, 'definitely neem is bitter but best for skin' the importance of neem for a healthy and pimple free skin..

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