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1 year ago

dabur supari pak


Easily available

Fights Leucorrhoea

Increases stamina

Dabur supari pak is an ayurvedic medicine for creating the women disorders and women related issues and problems. generally due to stress and work women feels low and energy less and due to this their body start discharging a liquid which weakness the immunity of women in way too faster way .whatever she eats get discharged through the liquid. And lowers the immunity level in women stopping their growth and reduces the nutritional level and causes imbalances in the body leading to invitation to many diseases. considering the discharge problem dabur which is an aged old brand to cure problems in womens and mens and a well known Ayurveda brand which cures the diseases from root have come up with supari pak which is also known as laghu .the dabur supari pak or laghu has a supari like flavour which tastes kind of mixed taste helps the overall problems in the womens specially the discharge one and helps womens in improving the immune system and increases their efficiency by treating the discharge related problem from the not only gives them strength to fight with the diseases but also helps them reducing the excessive fat and choloestrol it is an all in oner tablet which ensures betterment of womens health

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