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2 years ago

avon beyond color lipstick


Travel friendly


Vibrant shades

Satin finish

Moisturizes lips

SPF 15

Make lips plumpy

Avon beyond color lip stick comes with spf 15 and comes with variety of unique shades. It helps in giving the defined look and is very easy to apply. It would not get smudge and glides evenly and gives a firm bold look to the lips and makes the lips look broader and smoother look with an fine lip line .it gives edge to the lip line and comes in berry cute color. It comes in vibrant shades and moisturizes the lips really well. It gives a satin finish look to the lips and gives a perfect occasional look. it gives nourishment to all the corners and lines of the lips, it does not go away even when one have the habit of eating the lipstick. Though it gives a satin look it comes in creamy texture which gives it more defined consistency to give full coverage to the lips. It also has spf fifteen contain which protect the lips from the uv rays and act as a shield on the lips. the lip stick comes in silver packaging and the berry shade gives it a rich look and is very pricy and can be affordable too and is travel friendly too

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