Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick Reviews

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1 year ago

Excellent texture lip crayon



Easily available

Hydrates the lips well

Excellent Texture

Neutrogena products are always at its best.I'm basically a big fan of Neutrogena products and also it never proves me wrong. Neutrogena lip crayon is the trending product of the year. this lip crayons have shea butter in it so it gives the lips a smooth butter-like softness and leaves it moisturized for longer hours. it comes in a crayon form hence is time utilizing, unlike other lip pencils which need to be shaped after every single use. it comes in seventeen color shades that are unique in themselves and go almost with any kind of look leaving a long-lasting effect on lips. it not only enriches the lips with it ingredients but also leaves a sweet fragrance giving a fresh smooth touch on lips even after six hours of use. it does not chap away easily even when one you wipe lips with tissue after eating or drinking anything. specially recommended in the winter season where keeping lipsticks stay on lips for longer hours becomes a huge task. it gives an excellent texture after one coat of applying and really hydrates the lips very well. and can be easily affordable.

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