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Colgate Herbal Toothpaste offers solutions to oral hygiene by giving complete protection against plague formation and germs. The anti-cavity toothpaste is infused with the goodness of herbal ingredients, protecting teeth from the formation of cavities and also whitening them. The toothpaste offers oral care benefits, combining Colgate's innovative formula with the combination of 100% natural herbs. The goodness of tea tree oil and eucalyptus strengthens your teeth and gums, making them healthy. Chamomile freshens the breath. The mild flavor is gentle on gums and gives relief from bleeding gums, mouth ulcer, and toothache. It is great for daily use.

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Whitens teeth

Prevents bad breath

Makes teeth stronger

Prevents cavity

No bleeding of gums

100% vegetarian

Colgate has been rich for its herbal ingredients since age old. The new variant in the Colgate family named colgate herbal toothpaste is really is not only pocket friendly but also travel friendly it comes in three different size large medium and small which can be purchased as per the need and the smaller one is good for the can be used by almost every member in the is anti cavity toothpaste which protect teeth from cavities which is must need for any age group and also helps in whitening leaves an shine on teeth and helps in fighting with germs and plague due to its anti germ fight formula .it helps in strengthening the teeth and gums with its tea tree formula . it also leaves a mild fragrance leaving bad odour behind. It cures bleeding gums , mouth ulcers, toothache, swollen gums. It is also very gentle in use and does not leave any bad odour and smells fresh all day long .it is made with natural herbs hence leaves teeth healthier and whitener after use and also strengthens the gums and cures minor oral problems. It overall gives a total oral dental care benefits

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