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2 years ago

everyuth natural scrub


Acts on whitehead and black heads

Oil control

Good smell

Perfect scrubber

Everyuth naturals exfoliating walnut scrub helps in removing the dead skin cells from the skin and clears the pores.walnut is rich in its properties it has fine small granules which helps in removing the dirt from the skin cells and clear the impurities as there is lot of pollution in todays era the pollution directly gets exposed to the face as we don’t cover our face.moreover if people tries to cover the face with the scarf it just can helps us in avoiding dirt to some extent however our face gets effected at the end so to take care of the face we need something which is very tiny and cleans the dirt directly from the pores which are not really visible by the naked eye.everyuth has always come up with nice scrubs and helps the face by removing the dirt particles which gets infused in the skin as soon as ones get contaracted with the polluted air when outside.it is suitable for all the skin types and comes in plastic tube bottle which let us use it covenioently without any hassle. You just need to wash your face with this tiny walnut content granules to get an exfoliating skin and to get an natural glow on the face that is free from pollution and dirt.

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