Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer Reviews

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1 year ago

Neutrogena blemish concealer


Lovely packaging

Comes in pen format

Conceals the imperfections on the face

Makes skin look flawless

I am way too picky about the products I use on my face as I have really sensitive skin type and always worried and afraid about using beauty products in my face recently have heard about the blemishing concealer by Neutrogena.i personally use Neutrogena products as they are perfect blend and are suitable to any skin type.all its products are the best and recommended one.I got the Neutrogena blemish concealer with light shade. The consistency of the concealer is niether that thick nor watery but it blends pretty easily. But blending with this concealer does not give a good coverage so I have to just dab it on the blemishes instead of blending. It provides light to medium coverage and people with extreme blemishes on their face will not at all like this one. It helped me conceal my minor acne scars and shrink the pimple size too after everyday use.. I love to wear this out where ever I go and it lasts all day and night but sometimes you need to touch up during the day. It looks very natural and does not fade wipe away when your eyes are watery or when you wash your face and pretty damn good concealer I came across also it comes in different shades so you can pick one as per your skin type and are easily available ..

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