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1 year ago

joy kesar cahndan face pack


Soft texture.

Spreads easily.


No irritation.

Joy kesar chandan face pack is a natural fairness face pack which gives a natural fairness complex on the face and is enriched with the goodness of vitamin b3, kesar, chandan, turmeric and oil extracts which helps in making the facial skin tone glows and makes it a tone lighter by giving a flawless look to the face. It helps in giving fairer, radiant and glowing skin. It comes in a normal packaging with chandan kesar color tube with a brown flip flop top in a tiny pack which is travel friendly and acquire less space. It has saffron known as kesar which helps in making the skin tone look glowy and chandan is rich in anti oxidant effects which not let any pimples ace effects the skin , it has an sandal wood extract which leaves a fresh fragrance on the face. Kesar also makes in making the skin softer and brighter and helps in removing blemishes from the face chandan helps in reducing the impurities and turmeric acts as an anti allergic agent thereby avoiding rashes or irritation or itchiness on the face and makes it cool with is natural effect. It comes in an affordable price range

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